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Trade crypto on a next-generation
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Built on Layer 2

Say goodbye to expensive Ethereum transactions.
Join thousands of traders switching to Layer 2 for low fees and instant trades!

Save 10-50x on gas fees

Trades on L2 are up to 60x cheaper than swaps on L1. Move to L2 to enjoy huge savings!

Trades confirmed in seconds

No more waiting times, Rubicon trades are confirmed almost instantly

Security through self-custody

You always have custody of your crypto so you are always in control

Support for Mobile Devices

Our app is optimized to work on iOS and Android. Trade on the go using Rubicon on your mobile wallet

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Swap tokens directly from your favorite Ethereum wallet

Support for more wallets is coming soon

Our mission at Rubicon

Rubicon's mission is to open, accelerate, and democratize global financial markets.
We want to build better, stronger, and more fair financial markets for all.